Monday, 13 January 2014

When the books on your bedroom shelf include pre-loved JB Priestley, Rose Macaulay and Angela Thirkell -
And there's more in the bookcase beside the log fire -
Then, even though you won't be staying long enough to read them,
You know that you're staying in the right hotel.
Look after the reading matter -
And the foie gras, venison and soufflé will be fine.


Cornflower said...


Anonymous said...

What a superior hotel! I'm slightly surprised the Thirkells are still there; obviously a very honest clientele, too.

mary said...

Karen, I was thinking of all the bloggers I know who are much more excited by secondhand books than fancy toiletries!

Possibly they're not all as sorely tempted as I was, Callmemadam! I was dying to know who chose them - or if they'd been there when the hotel was a private house.