Friday, 25 August 2017

File:Little House on the Prairie first edition front.jpg

I guess 0.05% of my gene pool is pure farmer's wife ... I've been meaning to experiment with fresh cheesemaking since my visit to Kew Palace a few weeks ago and sure enough, a litre of Tesco's Jersey milk turns into a little basin of cheese overnight. I picked some parsley and chives, tarragon and a bit of basil and it was rather like Boursin. (I'd be a millionaire except I'm always late to the party.)
Well, that left me with an enormous bowl of buttermilk. And then I remembered this little Canadian cook book that was a present from Darlene. Canadian buttermilk biscuits? Why not? Biscuit 1 tasted a bit frugal ... by Biscuit 4 I'd remembered the maple syrup in the cupboard.
I poured the rest of the buttermilk down the sink to avoid temptation. Then thought, damn... I should have made soda bread.
But as I already have farmer's wife hips perhaps better not.


Gina said...

Soda bread or scones! Buttermilk does make the lightest scones.

Mary said...

And then you eat them, Gina!