Saturday 5 August 2017

I'd never felt drawn to Edward St Aubyn's novels. “There was a lazy assumption in some quarters that, because they were written by an upper-class person about his own world, they must be trivial or snobbish or somehow irrelevant—such a person, it was thought, ‘didn’t need to write.’ In fact, of course, Teddy needed to write more urgently than most.”  
I suppose that was my lazy assumption, too. Today I read Never Mind in one sitting. There's an excellent profile of Edward St Aubyn here.


Sarah said...

I appreciate your recommendation. I haven't read any of Edward's novels (is he related to the St Aubyns of St Michael's Mount I wonder? Your link to his profile will tell me no doubt). I am looking forward to Alan Hollinghurst's new novel (The Sparsholt Affair) due to be published this October.

Mary said...

I think they're probably cousins, Sarah.There's a TV adaptation coming up with Benedict Cumberbatch, which should be good.

The universal cabinet said...

Thank you so much for this recommendation- I got Some Hope out of the library today and absolutely devoured it. What a writer!