Thursday, 6 October 2022

Rather to my surprise, I really enjoyed this film about Emily Bronte which plays fast and loose with biographical fact - but it's very cleverly structured and weaves truth, fantasy, mental health and Wuthering Heights seamlessly together - even if Emily seems to have commandeered the dishy curate who I always thought belonged to Anne. But he was very good-looking, so maybe they both had their eye on him - I guess Haworth wasn't teeming with eligible bachelors. It did make me want to revisit Haworth (and see if I can find the little cafe that serves slabs of fruit cake and Wensleydale for tea.)
I wasn't so lucky with this - and joined the throng scampering guiltily out of the theatre at the longed-for interval. And honestly, I'm normally a sticker to the bitter end - but I couldn't take any more. Remind me that next time I see 'first major production in London for 25 years' ... perhaps there's a good reason for that!

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